Invest in sustainability: scalable, transparent, digitally

The demand for investment opportunities in sustainable assets has increased significantly. Institutional investors who want to invest directly in sustainable physical assets often only find very complex solutions. These usually involve the acquisition of entire assets, high service costs and complex legal setups. 

The Greenium platform offers a digital solution that meets the investment needs of institutional investors in the field of sustainable investments. 

As an investor, you have visibility into the growing pipeline of sustainable leasing assets on the platform and can digitally determine your investment criteria and investment preferences.

This is made possible by DLT technology and a digital, automated platform solution. Once your investment criteria have been determined, securitization takes place classically via a specially established Luxembourg securitization vehicle (SPV). In the future, however, it will also be possible to invest in a Digital Token via GREENIUM instead of a classic securitization. As an investor, you will always have real-time insight on your investments. Therefore, full transparency, analytics and reporting-on-demand are further features of the GREENIUM platform.

In this way, GREENIUM offers granular, flexible investment opportunities for institutional investors with high scalability, transparency and security.