Finance sustainable assets via GREENIUM

Demand for investment opportunities in sustainable assets has increased dramatically. This strong demand is leading to a growing need for financing by leasing companies. In this context, traditional financing channels are reaching their limits and are not scalable. 

Leasing companies can solve this problem by refinancing through GREENIUM and securitizing their receivables using the GREENIUM platform and selling them to investors. 

The advantage of this type of financing is its extensive scalability and transparency. This allows the leasing company to react quickly to changes in the market and, if necessary, to raise new funds quickly.

GREENIUM has extensive experience with the process flows of a leasing company and can digitally map the entire lifecycle of a leasing asset on the platform. Whether early repayment, default or insurance claim, the GREENIUM engine recognizes the respective process. The required downstream payment flows to the securitization structure are automatically calculated and verified. The leasing company always has real-time visibility of the assigned receivables and associated payment flows.